What successful people do differently

There are reasons why some people achieve success while others want it but never achieve it.

I believe you can boil much of the difference down to certain traits successful people have while those that struggle to break through are missing these important characteristics.

Action takers

Successful entrepreneurs tend to be action takers who have an idea and run with it. They don’t overanalyze the situation (paralysis by analysis) but forge ahead no matter what.

Often, they won’t listen to advice from others who doubt their ideas or direction and that can be a good thing. In my experience, most of the would-be advisors are not in a position to give advice in any case because they’re giving advice on something they don’t really understand (working online).

There’s so much opportunity to make money online in our digital age that never existed 20 years ago. You simply need to take action, tap into the right opportunity and apply yourself – there is no reason why you can’t be successful.

Which brings me to…

Fear of failure

You’ll generally find that successful people don’t have the same fear of failure that less successful or wealthy people have. They look on failure as part of a learning curve whereas less successful people are likely to be devastated by failure, fall at the first hurdle and find it impossible to pick themselves up and carry on.

I’m a firm believer that failure is simply a step on the road to success. I have failed many times, but the successes more than make up for that.

Take responsibility

Rich and successful people take responsibility for their own actions and failures – they don’t continually blame others or the system or, well you name it they’ll find someone to blame.

Successful people don’t make excuses, they just get the job done no matter what.

Invigoration and Positivity

Successful people are on a mission. They’re focused on the target, know where they’re going and drive endlessly towards their goals.

This makes them invigorated and positive about what they’re out to achieve, which in turn makes it very difficult for anything to make them deviate from their chosen route to success.


Successful and rich people understand the power of visualizing hitting their goals and the success they know they’ll achieve.

They know they’ll get there no matter what.

They know they just have to take the right steps and ultimately, they must succeed.


Truly successful people are obsessive about achieving their goals.

They continually think about the success and monetary rewards they’re striving to achieve. It’s not good enough to simply say you want to be successful, you have to almost taste it.

This means they don’t take time out to watch their favorite TV show when they could be working on their business.

In my own case, I find my business has become part of my “leisure program” and something that I enjoy doing. If you can get to the stage where you actually enjoy working in your business, then you’re on the right track.

That’s why it’s important to pick a niche for your business you genuinely enjoy – you’ll be living with that choice for a very long time…


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  1. Nicole Stiles

    I like that phrase “paralysis by analysis”.

    It’s true that people offer well-meaning advice that’s wrong. I had a family member suggest to make my blog posts shorter, but I know from the training I’ve done that around 1,000 words is the target. Having confidence in what you’ve learned is important.

    I need to work on the failure part. Some failures don’t phase me, but others do.

    I love your last comment. Pick a niche you like. I think that makes or breaks some people.

    1. Les Blythe

      HI Nicole,

      I think getting all sorts of conflicting advice is one of the biggest problems you can face working online. That’s also why I suggest listening to people who have actually achieved what you’d like to and can talk from experience.

      Confidence all boils down to mindset. If you’re taking advice from someone who can show they’ve been successful, you make a plan and stick to it never giving up, sooner or later you WILL succeed.

  2. delroaustria

    I can honestly say that this post made me think on what I need to improve in myself.  

    I am a newbie to online business but I have a will to succeed.  I think I just need to visualize my goal and take responsibility for my actions.  I failed once and I really learned hard lessons from that failure. 

    Please keep inspiring other people to stand up when they want.  

    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Les Blythe

      I think we all need to be inspired, – keep your eye on the end goal and visualize what it will be like when you achieve success!

  3. charles39

    Yes, I could not agree with you more. The way “normal” people do their thing is far different from the rich, and being an action taker is huge, doing things that most of won’t even try.

    I  think about the fear of losing and that fear makes normal people hesitate to take risk whereas rich the people are ready to jump at any golden opportunity that comes their way.

    That’s how the rich will remain rich and poor stay poor. It’s not that the poor person cannot make it, but he is not ready to make decisions that will change his fortune

    1. Les Blythe

      I agree to a certain extent Charles, but I also believe the internet and the opportunity it represents for ANYBODY to become successful is a great equalizer.

      I know many people without a decent education or money to back them who have made 6 or 7 figures online. You just need to get the right guidance, make a plan and stick to it – the results will come.

  4. Michele

    Hi Les – I was excited to read your post and find out I have some of the characteristics of successful people.  I agree, you need to look at past failures as a learning opportunity and not give up.  I was happy to see that obsession was on the list, because I was starting to wonder if my obsession was a bad thing. 

    Thanks for this post and the information,


    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Michele,

      I don’t think obsession is necessarily a bad thing, I have to admit to being a little obsessive myself!

      That said, I also believe a good life balance between business and family life to be very important.

  5. Diane

    Hi Les – thanks for sharing this useful article. I am definitely guilty of over-analysing everything, always looking for perfection. The ways in which to make money online is absolutely staggering when you think about it. I am actually a freelance web writer and proofreader, which is a career that didn’t even exist years ago. Fear of failure is something I see a lot of – some people give up immediately when faced with criticism, instead of learning a lesson from it and moving on. All the best, Diane

    1. Les Blythe

      Hey Diane, you’re 100% right, you need to be able to accept constructive criticism and not take it personally. If you’ve ever written books or worked with an Editor (as I have) you’ll know exactly what I mean.

      I believe your work has to be good, there’s no point in putting out rubbish, but it’s a mistake to think it’s never good enough…

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