Sales Page Design – make it easy on yourself, here’s how!

If you’re looking to promote a product or service, you’ll need a sales page that stands out and gets your message across to potential customers effectively – outstanding sales page design is no longer an option

There are all kinds of marketing theories behind what makes an effective sales page – I know because I write the things for a living, but I want to tell you a quick story (bear with me).

I promote a product (I do affiliate marketing) which in itself is a decent one – I won’t disclose the product. The problem is it doesn’t convert very well, and I know why – the sales page. It’s not powerful, it’s not dynamic and it certainly doesn’t push all the right buttons of potential buyers.

Having a great product means nothing if your sales page design stinks!

In the years I’ve been doing online marketing (since 2011) things have changed and they’ve changed a lot.

You can no longer push any old sales page out there and expect to see results – the same goes for squeeze pages, landing pages, bridge pages and more… It’s a tough market now, much tougher than it was a few short years ago, so your web pages need to be on point.

And therein lies the problem.

Unless you’re a large company who can afford to hire designers and copywriters, maybe even an agency, where are you going to find the time to dedicate to getting your sales page design spot on, how are you ever going to compete in a crowded marketplace?

Don’t panic – there is a solution

It’s not all doom and gloom however. Fortunately, as the marketplace has evolved, so have sales page builders and there are tools to help you create stunning pages in just a few clicks (yes really). Check out my most recent video if you doubt my last statement. << Kartra “Insider Secrets Exposed” Training – FREE today only!

Sales page design – a basic structure for your text

As I said, writing sales pages is part of what I do for a living. Let me lay down a basic text structure that works and can be incorporated into your sales page design.

  • Start with a problem – what problem does the product or service you recommend solve? Start by talking about the problem to show you understand the pain your prospect feels.
  • Expand on the problem – talking further about the problem emphasizes to the reader the pain they feel.
  • Empathize – show your understanding, you know what they’re going through.
  • Future pace – what would it be like if they could find a solution to what worries them most?
  • Present the solution – deliver the solution (your product or service).
  • Go heavy on the benefits – tell the prospect IN DETAIL about the benefits they get from your solution (benefits, not features).
  • Social proof – introduce others who faced the same pain points and have benefited from your product or service.
  • Scarcity – tell the prospect that your offer is time-limited (if it is).
  • Bonuses – include bonuses if applicable.
  • Call to action (CTA) – tell your reader CLEARLY what you want them to do next (ONE THING ONLY).

That’s the basics of it. There are many variations, and if you write a lot of sales pages, you’ll probably experiment with different versions of this kind of structure.

And, the best advice of all

Get inside your prospect’s head. Try to imagine what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling.

What would make YOU take action and obey the call to action on the page?

If you can successfully adopt this kind of thinking, your sales page design will be on point and you’ll start to see the kind of results you want. << Kartra “Insider Secrets Exposed” Training – FREE today only!

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