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In today’s competitive online business environment, it’s critically important to differentiate yourself from your competition to successfully promote your business online.

Now, there are plenty of ideas floating about as to how you might do this – social media, SEO, Pay per Click, an amazing website etc.

But if you truly want to promote your business online and stand head and shoulders above your competitors some radical (or as you’ll discover – not so radical) thinking is called for.

Consider for a moment the power of the written word, a medium that has been used for centuries to communicate and convince.

Further, consider the fact that in our society a writer or author is often seen as an authority figure, an expert even. If your objective is to secure more prospects, customers, interviews, speaking engagements, whatever – then you owe it to yourself to capitalize on the kudos your very own (e)Book will bring you.

The benefits of your very own eBook to promote your business online

There are lots of benefits associated with having your own eBook as a “business card” or “giveaway” to promote your business online, here are just a few for you to think about:

Authors and writers are considered experts – you can ride on the back of this perceived authority by having your own digital and print book as a giveaway.
Differentiate yourself – outshine your competitors by being able to give away something of real value to your potential clients.
Authors are expected to give interviews – you can capitalize on this expectation by having your own digital and print book.
Speaking gigs – what better way to attract new clients than speaking, as an expert, to a room full of already interested prospects.
Use the book itself – because the book is your very own, you can include whatever content you feel appropriate between its covers. Including, but not limited to, your life story, information about your product or service, business advice, consultancy or even a sales pitch.

Years ago, the prospect of producing your own eBook was admittedly a daunting one.

But, that was then and this is now.

In these days of online publishing, it’s entirely possible for you to produce and launch a book to promote your business online, in both digital and physical formats.

If you go the Amazon Kindle route, for example, it’s a relatively straightforward process to write a book (I’ve done about 20 for myself and clients) and get it online.

Having done so, a printed copy can also be produced via the Amazon-owned company Create Space. The days of having to rely on a formal publisher and all that entails in terms of expense and hassle are long gone.

So, you see, your own digital and printed book is well within your grasp.

Final Thought

The possibility of using your own digital and physical book as a truly unique business card is really something you should consider.

It has the potential to elevate you way above your competition and capture the attention of your target audience. It’s also an excellent way to confer an air of real authority upon yourself.

And, the good news; in this digital age, the whole process is relatively easy.

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  1. Paul

    Hi Les, This is an excellent article outlining what I have over the last 6 months intended to do.When i look at my content I think wow I have a book written here. So having put that idea on hold due to having no idea where to begin I found you article at the best possible time. So you have set the wheels in motion for me which is really great.

    thanks mate! 


    1. Les Blythe

      Glad my article helped you get focused, now get the eBook done! You’ll have a valuable asset that you can use to build your business moving forward.

      All the best Paul.

  2. Vaughn

    E-Books can be a great way to promote your business but also they can used as a tool for marketing, like e-mail signups and promotions. Having a strong e-mail list is a good way to keep your business fresh in the minds of your customers and by providing value or a reason for them to sign up makes e-books a worthwhile investment in the time to create one. Do you agree?

    1. Les Blythe

      I agree 100% Vaughn, for all the reasons I mention in my post.

      A bit of effort now to get an eBook written will pay dividends over and over again down the road!

  3. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and it shows how many options you actually have to promote something, such as your business.

    But I have a question, I’m not such a good write, even I’m doing lots of articles, when I promote them with an eBook, it has not any problem? I mean, they always say, a good writer makes a book?

    In waiting for your answer I will save this post because it could really help me!

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Emmanuel,

      If English is not your first language and you struggle to write without mistakes, it might be a good idea to employ the services of an proofreader/ editor to check your work over.

      You can find candidates at a decent rate on Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer and such sites. Just make sure you check them out thoroughly and they have a solid history of providing a good service.


  4. Connor

    Greetings Les, 

    Wow, this was a really interesting and well done article! As someone who is just starting an online career, I found the idea of creating an ebook to be VERY compelling. Although it does sound like a fair amount of work, most bloggers are already creating content regularly and could pertaining synthesize their content into a more organized and beneficial ebook format. It’s amazing to consider the various opportunities that also arise from creating an e book, such as  interviews and speaking gigs. I would definitely agree that it also very much adds to your perceived authority as an expert in a field. I have bookmarked this article to refer to as I grow my business and decide when the time is right to create an eBook. You have convinced me that it would really be a great pursuit and lead to some wonderful opportunities. The niche I am focused on is eco-friendly living so it would be wonderful for my audience to have an organized resource for all types of things that are essential to leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. Great work, thanks for an interesting and encouraging read!

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Connor,

      I definitely think you could benefit from putting together an eBook in your niche of eco-friendly living. I could certainly see you launching it successfully on Amazon Kindle as well.

      Just to be clear, your eBook doesn’t have to be a novel. Think more about how you can genuinely help people who are interested in eco-friendly living – sometimes less is more!

  5. Lucas

    A very interesting idea indeed. I’ve done my research on how to write my own e-book ( or hire someone to write it for me ) but it never crossed my mind as a means to promote myself or my business. However, does your plan include charging the ebook for a price or just giving it out for free?

    1. Les Blythe

      It’s really up to you how you would use your eBook.

      If it were on Amazon Kindle, you would have to charge – apart from your free promotional days or unless you can get it permanently free (there are ways and means).

      That said, if your eBook is stacked with value, there is every possibility you could charge a decent price for it.

  6. Taetske

    Good Morning Les,

    At a young age my love for books was formed by my Mother as she used to read to me. I then started to read myself and I even wrote stories and  some poetry. All this is a long time ago but I always kept my love for books.

    Your article gave me an idea. Quite a few people have told me I should write a book as I had an intresting life visiting many countries. To promote my business writing an eBook sounds good but I do not have a business in the normal sense of the word. I will have to think this over, perhaps I will find a way to make my life experience become somehow profitable.

    The idea of giving something of value to potential clients is a good thought indeed. 

    Authors are expected to give interviews and speeches. Well, that will not be a problem as I worked for many years as a tourist guide doing just that.

    An eBook presents you in a nutshell, you decide how much detail about yourself you want to expose, I like this.

    Thank you for this informative read, you definitely got me interested in this idea.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Taetske,

      I sounds as if you have an interesting background to share with potential readers. As you say, if you could think of a way to relate this to your business, you could well be onto a winner.

      I’m glad my post gave you food for thought and if I can help you in any way, just shout!

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