Make money online fast – in just 48 hours!

Do you want to make money online fast? If you answered yes, you’re not on your own.

When you get started out trying to make money online, making that first few dollars can be all you need to inspire you and convince you that earning cash at home, from your computer, is real and doable.

And, I promise you this – you’ll never forget the first dollar you make online, it’s a great feeling.

So, how do you make money online fast, well I’ll come to that in a moment, I’ll even let you have a free copy of an eBook I wrote that shows you how to do it, but first…

Making consistent, job replacing money online requires work

I’m not going to BS you (you know me better than that by now). Sure, I can show you how to make some quick cash to get you started. But your endgame should be to build a system that makes you consistent income on a long-term basis, and that requires a certain amount of work my friend.

With that said, if you adopt the right mindset, put in the work and be intentional in everything you do in your online business, it’s entirely possible to make an income that can replace your job and much more.

What do I mean by intentional?

Just this, get a plan, take consistent action towards executing your plan and don’t stop ’till it works.

If you follow through on this it’s almost certain you’ll succeed where others fail.

The main reasons people don’t make money online are:

  1. They don’t have a solid plan and jump from one idea to another without giving anything a chance to work.
  2. They’re not prepared to put in the work necessary to succeed.
  3. They don’t have a solid plan and are continually chasing down shiny objects – they never give anything a chance to succeed!

Make money online fast – like 48 hours fast!

Okay, I promised to show you a way to make money online fast and I’m as good as my word – I even wrote an eBook for you which you can download here:


In my eBook, you’ll discover how to make some quick cash on one of the oldest, most established affiliate websites on the web.

I set out everything you need to do to make it work quickly and easily, step by step with full details and even screenshots to help you.

Does it work?

Yes, because I’ve done it myself – just do what I show you and you’ll make money.

End Words

Although I can get you started making some real cash online with my eBook, the rest is up to you.

On this website, I provide you with a ton of useful information and practical tips to help you do what I do and make a full-time living on your computer from home – the rest is up to you.

Take consistent action, never stop learning, develop an unstoppable mindset and you WILL get there.

Download Make Your First $$$ Online in 48 Hours HERE

Remember, If I did it so can you, no BS …

Help me out here: At the time of writing this post, my method is working just fine and is a great way to make some money online fast. Of course, things can change over time and I don’t know when you’ll be reading this. Please let me know if anything changes, thanks.

Do you have a way to make quick cash online? If so, please share with the community in the comments below.

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  1. Marita

    I’m already a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate but I didn’t know you could earn as much by giving comments consistently. I’ll have to look into this. Question: If you use the credits to get comments for your posts, it will be deducted from your collected number of credits?

    This sounds exciting!


    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Marita,

      Yes, you can make quite a few dollars if you work at it consistently, and for someone who has never made any money online, it’s a great start.

      As I explain in my eBook, credits will be deducted at two per comment – see my eBook for much more detail on the process.

  2. JJ

    Hi Les, I recently got the courage to start working online. It took me some time to really get results because,as you said, I didn’t give each idea time to work before I found myself jumping into another idea. Things have settled down now and I am realizing that wishing and hoping and fantasizing doesn’t get the results I need. Besides working my main project, i am educating myself because there is a science to it. I have downloaded your book and I am ready to make a success of online business. Thank you

    1. Les Blythe

      Hi JJ,

      Jumping from one thing to another is never a good idea, but unfortunately, its what a lot of people do. Once you have your plan you need to stick to it and execute relentlessly avoiding distractions.

      This is the path to success – hoping and wishing won’t cut it – as you say…

  3. Barbara

    Hi, I like your concept and your idea, I enjoyed the little ebook and put it to work myself, sticking to your strategy I actually made today 28 dollars just like that. I know it is not a fortune but still, it is money and we all got to start somewhere so thank you very much for your great idea.

    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Barbara, it’s great that you’ve made some money online – you know how many people never do?

      It’s s basic strategy to get you going and you can only go on to greater things from there – good luck!

  4. Dhayours

    I agree totally with you on some of the reasons why some people fail in making money online. Many people ain’t ready to put in the required work or time. They jump from one interesting opportunity to another without giving time for one to work. If people learn to be devoted to one thing at  a time, then success is theirs. 

    1. Les Blythe

      Yes, you need to put in consistent effort and get one thing working at a time before moving on. It’s important to avoid being distracted by the latest “opportunity” that drops into your inbox on a regular basis.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Todd Matthews

    I agree with what you said about why people fail to make money online. Everyone is looking for the quick fix and as a personal trainer, I saw this a lot in the fitness industry. Also, it’s February and it’s when the New Year’s Resolution crowd fizzles out until next January. It’s comparable to making money online. People think they can just make a full-time living within a couple months and fire their boss. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. If it did, we’d all be working from home online. 

    1. Les Blythe

      It’s exactly what I keep telling people, Todd. Yes, you can definitely make money online, but you have to put in consistent effort and lose the idea of a quick fix.

      The next question you get is “how long will it take?” and the honest answer is it depends on a lot of things. It could be a month before you start earning, it could be 6, you could replace your job’s income in 6 months, it could be a year. Deal with it.

      Get yourself the right training (hint: see the eBook) and be prepared to put the effort into your new business – it WILL pay off.

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