Make money affiliate marketing – conquer self-doubt

Many new online entrepreneurs dive straight in and decide they want to make money affiliate marketing.

On the face of it, there are many attractive benefits should you decide to make money affiliate marketing.

You can make money without a product of your own, you can even make money while you sleep and it’s one of the quickest routes to online success out there. Right?

Well, while much of that may be true, the problem comes when you work hard, do all the things you’ve either been told to do or worked out for yourself and you haven’t made a single sale.

It’s at this point, weeks or even months into their online business that most entrepreneurs lose heart and quit.

Entrepreneurs are driven by self-doubt

Whether you choose to make money online affiliate marketing, freelancing, blogging, podcasting, an online shop, a YouTube channel it doesn’t matter, there will always come a point when uncertainty kicks in and self-doubt takes over.

It’s absolutely unavoidable and it will happen to you, just as it has happened to me and to every other online entrepreneur on the planet.

So, what should you do when it happens to you as it inevitably will?

Well, you’re halfway to winning the battle if you know your enemy, so you need to embrace the fact that…

Entrepreneurs are driven by self-doubt.

It doesn’t matter at what stage of your entrepreneurial journey you find yourself right now, you can begin to doubt yourself and risk giving up on your dream to make money affiliate marketing.

And, if there’s one thing that fuels self-doubt more surely than anything else it’s failure, or at least your perception that you’re failing or have failed.

We’re conditioned from birth to react negatively to failure

There’s nothing surer to push your self-doubt buttons than when you believe you’re failing.

The problem is that we’re all pre-programmed to see failure as being hugely negative, something to be avoided at all costs and even a sad reflection on who we are as human beings.

Negativity around failure is drummed into us from an early age and constantly reinforced as we develop into adulthood.

It’s hardly surprising that when you believe you’re failing badly, you’re at your most vulnerable and most likely to give up trying to make money affiliate marketing.

So, when you understand that fear of failure and your negative reaction to it is simply learned behavior, you can take steps to “unlearn” it and view failure in a completely different light, make sense?

Embrace failure and learn the valuable lessons it teaches you

Let me be honest and admit I’ve failed many times in my online career.

I’m pretty much a serial entrepreneur.

That means that when I see a new idea or concept that I think can change lives, make a difference in the world or make money, I usually jump straight in. At least that’s what I used to do – A LOT.

The problem with being a serial entrepreneur is that you’ll face failure regularly. And, it’s that continuous failing that can take self-doubt to a whole new level and make you want to give up.

“If you bang your head against a brick wall enough times, eventually it will start to hurt!”

But, here’s the positive aspect of failure and the one you need to embrace if you truly want to make money affiliate marketing.

Failure teaches you valuable lessons.

I can truthfully say, there’s not one failed project I’ve committed to that hasn’t taught me skills that I could use later in my career.

I’d go even further and say if you’re not one of those lucky few (and there’s a lot of luck involved) who makes it big on the first attempt, you must fail if you want to succeed.

You absolutely need to fail

make money affiliate marketing

There’s no better way to learn what it takes to be successful than to fail at something.

It stands to reason that if you know what you shouldn’t be doing, you can work out what you should be doing – right?

Once you can accept that failure is not a negative thing and break the mindset you’ve been conditioned with all your life, you’re far more likely to succeed and make money affiliate marketing.

How to make failure much less likely

So far, we’ve been talking about how to deal with failure and recognize the valuable contribution it makes to your efforts to make money affiliate marketing.

But of course, no one sets out with the deliberate intention of failing, that would be crazy.

There are steps you can take to lessen the likelihood of failing, here are just a couple of suggestions for you:

MENTORSHIP – this is probably the best way to “guarantee” you make money affiliate marketing on your first attempt. If you’re taught by someone else who’s already successful at making money with affiliate marketing, you’re far more likely to succeed too.

YOUTUBE – if you can’t afford to pay for a mentor, YouTube is your next best bet. Pick 2 or 3 successful affiliate marketers to follow, subscribe to their channel and follow along with what they teach you. It’s likely they’ll be trying to promote a product to you as well, and if it’s something that would be valuable in your business, consider buying it. After all, as an affiliate marketer you want people to buy your promotions, so we should all help each other out.

THIS WEBSITE – when I set out to build FYF, I had a genuine desire to help people make a success of working online and get to the stage where they could sack their boss. That’s just stage 1 of the online journey. You can find out more about my motivation on my about page HERE.

Explore this website, there’s plenty of information I’ve provided to help you make money affiliate marketing.

Are you ready to conquer self-doubt?

The best way to conquer self-doubt is to see it for what it is by turning failure into a positive, learning from it and never giving up.

If you let self-doubt win and you quit, that’s it – you’re done. You might as well go back to your mundane 9-5, deal with your crappy boss and have your destiny controlled by someone else.

Is that really what you want?

Get your plan, work hard, stick to it and make course corrections when necessary by sucking up failure and turning it into a positive.

If you successfully conquer self-doubt and never give up, you’ll make money affiliate marketing – it’s virtually impossible not to.

To build a profitable online business you’ll need the right tools – here’s my #1 recommendation.

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  1. Godfrey Wambani

    Well put Les,

    I couldn’t agree more. As a digital entrepreneur, sometimes fear takes over such that I feel immobilized and unable to take any productive step. If not careful, this can lead to procrastination since you are likely to wait until when you are absolutely sure that things will click into place the moment you make the move. Personally, I think that there is no such “an ideal situation” in business and as such you can only conquer the world after you’ve confronted your worst enemy; fear.

    Thanks, Les for this insightful piece.


    1. Les Blythe

      Ah, the entrepreneur’s biggest enemy – procrastination.

      There is no such thing as perfection, the key is to get started and build “something” towards your goal.

      Whether your goal is helping others (a great goal), making enough to retire or leave your job, or making a fortune, you have to take the first steps.

      You can improve and learn on the job. When you start to produce something (say a website) at least you have an asset to work on and improve…

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