Kartra trial, review, and my FREE “Insider Secrets” Video Training

If you found this page and you’re looking for a Kartra trial, a review of Kartra or just some free Kartra training you’re in the right place.

I’m a user of Kartra myself, in fact, my whole business is built on it so you could say I’m ideally placed to give you the benefit of my hands-on experience – and that’s what I’ll do right now, so read on…

Just so we’re all on the same page, let’s start by explaining what Kartra is:

KARTRA – the all-in-one marketing tool (Kartra trial details are below with my BONUS training)

Now that’s a bold statement, can Kartra back it up?

Here’s a graphic that shows what Kartra is capable of

kartra trial

https://fyf101.com/kartra << Kartra “Insider Secrets Exposed” Training – FREE today only!

As you can see, the functionality of Kartra is quite impressive and comprehensive, and that’s the point. Think about it. When was the last time you tried to cobble together a landing page to work with an autoresponder to capture email addresses for email marketing purposes? Did it work on the first go or were there the usual set of incompatibilities that ate up more and more of your precious time?

If nothing else, the fact that Kartra’s features are all fully integrated and, well…just play nicely together is a HUGE time saving. And, as your business grows, those time savings mount up. What would you rather be doing – battling different pieces of software that don’t really like each other or spending time on more productive tasks like growing your business?

Just to emphasize the point here are some more specifics of what Kartra does.

Remember, this functionality is fully integrated, all on a single platform and all the elements play nicely together.

  • Build a high-converting landing page.
  • Integrate that webpage with an autoresponder.
  • Get the autoresponder to actually work.
  • Add a countdown timer to the page.
  • Build an order form and hook up the order form up to a shopping cart.
  • Choose which shopping cart to use in the first place.
  • Make order forms work quickly and easily.
  • Make your order forms look cool.
  • Create a one-click upsell.
  • Do an order bump.
  • Find out what an order bump actually is.
  • Make your buy button appear at the end of a video.
  • Make your video play automatically.
  • Host your videos.
  • Make a file downloadable.
  • Put everything you want to sell somewhere people can’t steal it.
  • A help desk to keep up with customer service.
  • Live Chat to help customers or close sales.
  • Split testing.
  • Access to detailed analytics.
  • Know if your ads are even working.
  • Know if your sales pages are working.
  • Make your sales pages look ultra-cool.

That’s a lot, right? So…

Let’s pick one feature and take a closer look

I can’t go into all of the above functionality in this short review, so let’s single out a feature you’ll use a lot as a marketer – capturing and managing leads for email marketing (listed under “communications”) in Kartra. I made a video for you…

Some further no-cost BONUS training and a free Kartra trial

As well as the video above, I’ve put together a whole series of insider training videos which I call “Kartra Insider Secrets Exposed”, and you can help yourself by following the link below. This is a limited free offer, and I don’t guarantee their ongoing availability, so get them right now if you’re interested!

When you access my free training, you’ll also be taken to a page where you can sign up for a Kartra trial – absolutely FREE with no obligation on your part.

So, why not suck it and see if it’s right for you!

https://fyf101.com/kartra << Kartra “Insider Secrets Exposed” Training – FREE today only!

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