InterFunnels review – sales funnel software

I want to start this Interfunnels review by revealing what successful affiliate marketers (who make six or even seven figures per year) do differently from affiliates who never make any real money.

The straight answer – tools and systems

Professional affiliate marketers understand they must have the right systems in place that allow them to make money 24/7, even when they sleep.

They build FUNNELS that convert prospects into customers on autopilot, like clockwork, day-in-day-out and often for many years to come.

Successful affiliate marketers set up lots of sales funnels.

They “set and forget” them knowing they can rely on a consistent stream of money coming in.

They’ve created recurring, passive income.

InterFunnels review

So, what’s holding you back?

If big-time affiliate marketers are being mega-successful with sales funnels (and they are) why aren’t you doing it?

There are probably a couple of reasons, right?

Sales funnel software/builders are too expensive, ClickFunnels is almost $300/month – that’s true.

It’s too complicated – you need to be a technical guru to cobble a funnel together with WordPress, plugins and all the rest – also true.

In other words, you haven’t found a product that lets you easily model the success of the big guns at a price you can comfortably afford.

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone.

There are thousands of affiliate marketers desperate to see success and make a decent income.

They’re not greedy either.

Let’s be real. Seven figures would be amazing – but a full-time income would definitely do for starters.

So, here’s the thing.

There’s now a new sales funnel builder that takes care of the two problems you’re facing above – cost and complicated technical setup.

It’s called InterFunnels and in this InterFunnels review I’ll take you through everything you need to know, including all the pros and cons

By the time you’ve finished reading my review, you’ll know if you’ve finally found the cost-effective, easy to use sales funnel software you need to emulate the big boys in affiliate marketing.

This could just be the key to the elusive passive monthly recurring income you’ve been chasing…

Understanding funnels and sales funnels

Getting to grips with the concept of sales funnels is important, so what exactly is a sales funnel?

InterFunnels review sales funnel software

As an affiliate marketer, you want to get your prospect from the point they land on your page (landing page) to the point where they take action such as submit their email address, buy a product, book a call with you etc.

A (sales) funnel is a system – we’ve talked about the importance of systems already – that helps you get your prospect to take the action you want.

A sales funnel takes your prospect through a series of steps with the objective of making a sale to them.

It can be as simple as a single offer page and a thank you page if they buy, or a series of steps with downsells (cheaper products), upsells (more expensive products) and cross-sells (alternative or additional products).

Think of it as a framework or road map of where you want your prospect to go to make you one sale or maybe more.

Okay, that’s some of the basics covered.

Let’s carry on with our Interfunnels review and look at the product in more detail – including what I discovered when I used it myself.

What is InterFunnels?

InterFunnels review sales funnel software

InterFunnels is a cost-effective, easy-to-use funnel builder tool.

You can set up funnels, optimize them and also collect payments, all using this single platform.

A big plus point of InterFunnels is you don’t have to be a developer to make it work for you.

InterFunnels allows you to build and test new funnels fast.

As we said before, there are other marketing automation tools that have the functionality of InterFunnels, but they’re not as simple and affordable for your small but growing affiliate marketing business.

Often sales funnel software is off-putting and complicated; it’s impossible to use it without extensive paid training.

InterFunnels is way less complicated and you can literally have your first funnel up and running in minutes.


Check out this InterFunnels review video for a detailed breakdown of InterFunnels

I’ve personally evaluated InterFunnels.

I wanted to make sure I provided you with the most accurate InterFunnels review possible, so I got access to the software so I could check it out in detail.

Once I logged in to the back office, I found navigating the various options very easy and intuitive.

I’ve used ClickFunnels as well and there was no way I could get going in a couple of minutes as I did with InterFunnels.

I give InterFunnels a big thumbs up for that.

Here are my star ratings overall for what I discovered when I checked out InterFunnels in detail:


QUALITY InterFunnels review sales funnel software


InterFunnels review sales funnel software


InterFunnels review sales funnel software


InterFunnels review sales funnel software


InterFunnels review sales funnel software

InterFunnels in brief

interfunnels review

InterFunnels review – features and benefits

How to quickly and easily create sales funnels

Using InterFunnels is very straightforward.

Their software empowers you to quickly and easily create entire marketing campaigns from start to finish. It has user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality for affiliate marketers who want to create amazing landing pages on-the-go or on mobile devices.

Other essential features include analytics, pre-designed marketing elements, pixel integration, temporary URLs and a membership system.

What is it that makes InterFunnels so unique?

Interfunnels was built with ease of use as the #1 priority and it’s insanely quick to get started compared to other, more expensive funnel builders. Other systems take forever to learn, and you have to spend hours testing their funnels and setups.

However, with InterFunnels you can easily navigate your way through their point and click user interface.

This means you’ll learn the tool quickly, you’ll have a shorter learning curve and your funnels will launch faster than other tools.

Who should use InterFunnels sales funnel software?

InterFunnels is the ideal choice if you’re an affiliate marketer who wants to sell affiliate products but struggles with setting up high-converting funnels on your own.

In fact, InterFunnels is not just for affiliates but for anyone who wants to sell a product or service or do lead capture online.

The software is extremely professional even though the user interface is clear and straightforward – the same can’t be said of the majority of competing funnel builders.

InterFunnels is the ideal product to help you finally follow in the footsteps of high-earning affiliate marketers and set up the same cash generating systems they use to earn income 24/7.

The whole process – step-by-step

Now I’ll take you through the whole process of setting up your own sales funnel and capturing email addresses, step-by-step

Step 1:

Design your funnel flow (framework) and tell InterFunnels the components you’d like in your funnel. Choose the type of funnel you want – optin, sales, membership.

InterFunnels review sales funnel software

InterFunnels review sales funnel software

Step 2:

Choose the template you’d like to use from the collection of hundreds of different templates suitable for various industries. Use InterFunnels’ drag and drop editor to insert your copy, images, videos. Easily customize your pages just the way you want them.

InterFunnels review sales funnel software

InterFunnels review sales funnel software

Step 3:

Integrate your autoresponder and payment gateways (if applicable to your setup) so that you can collect leads and get paid with zero hassles.

InterFunnels review sales funnel software

InterFunnels review sales funnel software

And, that’s it!

This is what I like about the way InterFunnels approaches building sales and lead capture funnels. I’ve used ClickFunnels, WordPress and plugins and most other ways of achieving a similar result.

This is way easier and, if you’re not experienced at building funnels, this is going to save you a ton of wasted time, effort and money.


Value for money

When you stack InterFunnels up against competitive products like ClickFunnels and Builderall it’s hard not to be struck by the real value for money the product represents.

This is especially important if you’re just starting out and you need to keep costs low until you start to earn consistent affiliate commissions.

InterFunnels is not expensive. At the time of writing, you can get going at an introductory starting price of $27 per month and you lock your starting price in for life.

Compare that with ClickFunnels at $297 per month and you’ll save $270 per month or a whopping $3,240 each and every year!

Then consider the bonuses:

InterFunnels is currently offering two valuable bonuses for new customers:

InterFunnels review sales funnel software

3 months free access to their autoresponder service called “”. This saves you $15/ month based on the current price of the Getresponse autoresponder’s basic service.

3 months free access to a web hosting service called “”. Again, saving around $10/month when compared to a similar web hosting alternative.

That’s a bonus saving over 3 months of $75 compared with picking up an autoresponder and hosting for your website separately.

The upsells

To make sure my InterFunnels review is as complete as possible, I also want to fill you in on the upsells. Of course, it’s entirely up to you if you want to take advantage of them, here’s what they are:

InterFunnels – 2 upsells:

Dedicated Funnel Hacking Ninja ($99).

Complete Funnel Package including copy VSL design and video editing, all under one roof ($699).

Pros and cons of InterFunnels


Get your funnels up and out in the shortest possible time

Huge selection of built-in templates and ready-made squeeze pages

A temporary URL for your landing pages, with custom domain option as well

Works with most popular autoresponders (if you already have one)

Manage all your funnels from one easy-to-navigate dashboard

Excellent low price point when compared to other funnel builders


It’s a recurring product meaning you pay each month (as is the competition)

No phone support right now, they do have good support via help desk and email

InterFunnels review – final thoughts

If you’ve always wanted access to the tools and systems successful affiliate marketers use but have been put off by the price and how complicated they are, InterFunnels is well worth a look.

This is your chance to replicate the success of the big earners who are dominating the market.

You deserve your slice of the online pie and InterFunnels can help you get it.



This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click on one of these links I’ll receive a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you and, in many cases, I’ll get you exclusive discounts. Your support helps me to make more content like this to help you – thanks.

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  1. Nuttanee

    Thank you so much for an extensive review on InterFunnels. Like you mentioned, I have looked at the ClickFunnel before but the monthly fee and program are too much for me since this is only my 8th month in as an affiliate marketer. When do you think is the best time to utilize the InterFunnels? I am just wondering when will it be a perfect time since my site is very new and I am still getting the hang of SEO and writing good content. Some people say 2 years, do you agree? 

    1. Les Blythe

      Hi there. As you say, Clickfunnels is very expensive when compared to Interfunnels, so that may be the best alternative for you at this stage.

      I don’t think you can put a time limit on when you introduce funnels to your business as it will vary for everyone. At 8 months into affiliate marketing, you should seriously think about getting to grips with funnels.

      For example, you should be attempting to capture email addresses to an autoresponder for email marketing and you’ll need a funnel in place for that…

  2. Wayne

    Hello, Les and thanks for this informative review.  I think I like the idea of funnels especially if they do what they claim to do.  I can see how they would be an advantage especially if they can help boost sales. 

    Would you recommend something like this for someone just starting out in Affiliate Marketing or should they at least wait until they are making enough to at least cover the cost?

    I’m not quite at the point where I think a funnel would help, at least not yet.  I also think that one has to be committed to writing good content 2-3 times a week in order to build that trust that’s necessary when building a new website.

    Funnels seem like some kind of magic formula, would this be for the person that wants to earn a 7 figure income?

    Sounds great but I’m still a little confused.  Perhaps I’ve not got enough experience yet.

    All the best,


    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Wayne, I guess it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation – what came first the funnel or the sale? 🙂

      If you consider that one subscriber captured through a funnel could be worth more than the monthly cost over their lifetime, I’d suggest getting a funnel in place sooner rather than later.

      Cheers and thanks for chipping in.

  3. Topazdude

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article on Interfunnels software.

    The review is loaded and informative on how it operates. I like the fact the owners are revealed and not concealed like other scam applications. I also like the fact that you highlighted the pros and cons of this software.

    I agree this funnel builder is legit and many people will go for it. Thanks for sharing this article.

    But, just as you said, no phone support right now, do they have a fast response to questions using email?

    1. Les Blythe

      Yes, their support via email and help desk is good, and really all most people need. I can’t remember the last time I phoned anywhere for support, I find it easier to get everything in writing to be honest…

  4. Olalekan Taliat

    I have always knew there is a secrete to been a affiliate marketer. Many seems to keep these secrets to themselves. I want to say I appreciate your kind gesture to bring this to light. 

    Though it may sound like marketing all over again, in my opinion its one of the secret means to be successful as an affiliate marketer. Thank for exposing this tool.

    1. Les Blythe

      There is no doubt that having the right funnel in place can help get your affiliate marketing business moving in the right direction.

      Give InterFunnels a go – the 60 days refund policy means you’ll never be out of pocket if you can’t make it work for you.

  5. Roopesh

    This is super cool. Just last week I made a decision that come month end, I am going to ‘bite the bullet’ and buy the Clickfunnel package. And today, I land on your blog and you giving me some really good news.

    A funnel software such as Interfunnels that is at a damn low price! I think you are godsent.

    Apart from the price, I like the fact that the procedure to get started has the beginner in mind. I love to use products that are user-friendly.

    I am currently using thrive themes, do reckon I should be fine in terms of compatibility issues?

    Thanks for all the help.



    1. Les Blythe

      Hi there, I don’t see compatibility as being an issue, everything you need is right there in the software. It’s SaaS, by the way, so everything you need is online.

      100% worth a look if you’re just getting started with funnels and want to avoid paying the high monthly cost of ClickFunnels 🙂

  6. Wealthfather

    Thanks for this candid review about Interfunnels. I had not heard of it before, so you saved me a lot of research time if I did run into it. At first I thought it was a scam but after reading the pros and cons;  Obviously its pros outweighs its cons which makes it much more recommendable. Your article will save folks a lot of time and money from making the wrong decision concerning this opportunity. 

    Thank you for writing such an educational article; I will make sure I try the platform out anytime soon

    1. Les Blythe

      Thanks for chipping in, I’m glad you found my review useful.

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