How to make a blog, getting the “whys” and “wherefores” sorted

So guys, if you’re sitting there wondering how to make a blog that gets attention, there are a couple of fundamentals you need to get right.

This is basic stuff but getting it wrong can waste days, weeks, and months of your precious time and may even cause you to throw in the towel on your blogging efforts in pure frustration!

I’ve done a video on YouTube about this and you can check it out if you’re a video-type person, but here’s the bones of what you need to know…

So, there are two basic things you need to get sorted:

Nail down your “why”

Your “why” describes why you want to blog in the first place, what’s your motivation, what will sustain you and encourage you to keep going, why do you even want to do this thing?

Here’s some of the “why’s” I’ve come across, where do you fit in?

  • Do you want to blog for pleasure (for the joy of writing)?
  • Do you simply have something you want to get off your chest?
  • Do you have something important you want to share with the world?
  • Are you looking to help a specific group such as a charity or non-profit?
  • Do you need to improve your writing skills (hint: a blog is a great way to up your game and charge clients more if you’re writing for profit)?
  • Do you want to create a blog that makes you money, do you want to monetize it?
  • Do you want to build a long term, sustainable business?

Getting your “why” nailed down is critically important so take the time to think it through carefully. Even sit down with a sheet of paper and note down what you think you’re “why” is, then dig deeper. Be honest with yourself and make sure your own particular “why” will sustain you through the consistent effort you need to write a stream of blog posts for months and even years to come.

My “why” for blogging is helping you guys create a second or a job replacing income and for you to enjoy the freedom that comes with doing just that. I know that if I have done it, you can do it too and I want to help you get there in any way I can.

What type of Blogger are you?

Now you’ve got your “why” sorted out, you need to move on to thinking about what type of blogger you want to be, and blogging essentially comes down to two types of blog you can write:

How to make a blog Informational or Educational

Do you have knowledge or a skill that you want to pass on to your audience? Are you a brilliant cook, can you do woodworking, can you sew or knit, can you show your audience how to study for exams – the list of skills you can pass on in your blog is virtually limitless?

Can you solve someone’s problem or make their life better in some way by passing on the knowledge you have?

The blog is a perfect example of an informational/educational type blog where I’m passing on the knowledge I’ve gained over the last few years to help you guys earn an extra income.

How to make a blog Entertaining

The alternative to an informational/educational blog is an entertainment type blog.

You might have a quirky view of life, you might like to make people laugh, maybe you just want to brighten up someone’s day! Maybe you want to review movies, books, talk about film stars – if that’s you then perhaps an entertainment blog is more your style.

That’s the whys and wherefores sorted then 🙂

There you go, guys, some of the basics of blogging you want to get straight right from the get-go to make sure you’re on the right lines and not wasting time.

Just to mention the type of blog you decide to write doesn’t have to be strictly informational/educational or entertainment, why not consider mixing and matching? For example, you can educate without sounding like an old textbook! That’s pretty much my style – I try to deliver the essential information you need, hopefully without boring you to death.

Am I getting it right? Comment below.

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