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Thanks to Godfrey Wambani for this contribution entitled “freelance writing jobs beginners can do”. Godfrey is a great example of someone determined to progress his career as a Freelance Writer by putting in the effort and doing whatever it takes to succeed. Enjoy.

Getting started as a Freelance Writer and finding freelance writing jobs beginners can do can be challenging. But if you follow a tried and tested method it’s perfectly reasonable to be making money within months rather than years.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, where do I get this tried and tested method? In an industry filled with a sea of self-proclaimed “freelance writing masters”, how do I find mentorship that cuts through the noise to get me started on my writing journey?

You want to take the plunge, but you’re sort of confused about where to start.

The answer is quite simple and straightforward; Les Blythe’s BLOG YOUR WAY FROM NOVICE TO WELL-PAID FREELANCER eBook.

Sorry for the caps but I needed to ensure that you get that right.

The remedies that Les offers in this masterpiece are easy to read and actionable. ( Masterpiece? Thanks Godfrey, I wouldn’t go that far! 🙂 Les) Like Les puts it, you have to follow in his footsteps, put in the hard work and duplicate his success (I’ll talk more about that later).

Some freelance writing jobs beginners can do

What are some freelance writing jobs beginners can do for a start? Truth is, there are more than enough opportunities you can take to start earning almost immediately. Some of these include writing blog posts (learn how to create a blog using WordPress), email newsletters, case studies, press releases, creative writing, product descriptions, reviews and more.

Don’t worry if you’ve no idea what they are all about. The best thing is for you to take the plunge and start learning the ropes as early as now. You’ll discover that there’s more to writing than is mentioned above. The best thing about freelance writing is that you get to earn as you learn. What you are about to start is a lifelong adventure that is full of new experiences at every turn.

Guess what is needed for these jobs? All you need are simple communicative grammar, good research skills and the ability to follow instructions to the t. And of course, you’ve to be willing to learn and take on new challenges.

I need to mention this right out of the gate.  You’ve to be flexible and accept lower rates especially at the beginning of your writing journey. You see, without social proof of your credibility and outstanding samples to show to your potential clients’ your bargaining power is at its lowest. Your goal should always be to get better by each writing task you handle so that you raise your rates with time.

So, instead of turning down that offer, take it. Do the work to the best of your ability, win over the heart of your client. Plus, you know what they say. A satisfied and happy client is your number one marketing agent. If you do this consistently, you’ll get to a point where you have so much work that you choose which client to work with and which one not to, literally.

Don’t despise humble beginnings. Use them to build a solid reputation which is crucial to scaling up your freelance writing career pathway.

Why new Freelancers fail and what to avoid

Many budding freelancers vanish from the scene as fast as they had appeared.


They think that freelance writing is a get-rich-quickly scheme. You just sit, fold your hands and clients with insane offers come knocking on your door. Another reason why freelance writers fail is procrastination. The “I’ll do it tomorrow mentality.” Heck, drop that if you wish to get anywhere in this industry. My freelancing philosophy is simple; “Grind like the whole human race is against you and your survival depends on your success.”

The truth of the matter is that freelance writing can pay well. But, as I said earlier, you need to put in the long hours, build your reputation, develop a system and things will begin to take shape.

I’ll tell you right up front that freelance writing is a competitive field. It’s not a walk in the park.

You need to put in the work, and you can start earning in months and not years. If you’re consistent (where most fail) over time clients will approach you. Notice that I said, over time. I can tell you for sure there are many instances where my patience and persistence have undergone the most intense test. But just as I’m about to hang the boots, I remember that writing is not for the faint-hearted. And, good things come to those who wait and continually invest in themselves.

In my six years of writing, I’ve realized that the more you hone your writing skills, the more qualified you become for higher-paying jobs. That’s why I endeavor to continually learn from the best, buy courses and materials that I can afford at the moment. That’s another principle that will take you far. Never stop learning because the industry dynamics keep changing. When you stop, your skills become obsolete and you’re no longer relevant.

Les is one of the very few mentors I respect in this industry. He has gone out of his way to hold me by the hand (literally) and showed me how to navigate the intricacies of the writing industry.

Building your writing skills is critical to success, but how?

The single most-effective tool for establishing your credibility is having a blog. There are many benefits to having a blog in your name. One, you get to build a portfolio of blog posts that are under your name. With such, it’s easy to point clients to somewhere so that they can see the kind of stuff you’re made of. It’s almost granted that no serious client will hire you without samples. Well, you can send them email attachments of the articles you’ve done in the past, but chances are you won’t be taken seriously.

Secondly, when you have a blog, it means you’re the primary content creator for the site. That means you have ample opportunity to practice and sharpen your writing skills even when you’re not writing for clients. You’ll discover that the more you write, the more confident you become. This point is really important because you can never deliver ‘pure gold’ content to your client if you don’t believe in your capabilities.

Writing for yourself will help you drop the ‘newbie’ mentality. Therefore, make it a habit to write every day, even when you’ve no client work. One day, you’ll look back at the first article you wrote and marvel at the kind of ‘content machine’ that you’ve grown to become.

And that’s just for starters.

As your blog picks up pace, you can employ several other monetization strategies.  For instance, you can venture into affiliate marketing where you turn your blog into a passive income machine.

Les’ eBook is the best place to get a solid grounding. It is a step-by-step guide that you can follow and become a success story.

Never stop learning. The trick is to keep learning and implementing whatever knowledge you’ve acquired.

Are you prepared to do what it takes to become a successful Freelance Writer?

Start with the basics, start blogging to better your skills; the easiest route is to follow the advice in the eBook. I’ve had the immense privilege of being among the very first people to lay hands on a copy of this book and I can only describe it as simple and actionable. In other words, it’s his success story captured clearly and concisely. The best part is, it’s not rocket science that he talks about in the book. They’re things you can implement and end where he is, or even surpass him.

As a beginner, this guide is worth more than every dime that you’ll spend on it. It is a must-have if you are intentional about establishing a thriving freelance writing career. The guide will show you exactly where to begin and what to do. Wrap your head around the essentials he offers and brace yourself for a life you’ve always wanted.

The BIG question is, are you ready to take action and change your life forever?

Bet the answer is yes. In that case, click here to get the eBook.

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Godfrey Wambani is a direct response writer, blogger and, digital marketer. freelance writing jobs beginnersHe writes conversion-oriented copy and content for both clients and his own blog.

With 6 years of writing experience, he is a HubSpot Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing certified writer who specializes in B2B sales copywriting and direct response copywriting.

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