Top 20 free stock images website recommendations

Are you serious about marketing your affiliate business, your website, and your brand?

If so, it’s highly likely you’ll be following a content marketing strategy to draw prospects (visitors) onto your website via your blog where you can provide value up front to show your expertise and gain trust.

This is what separates you from the thousands of would-be marketers out to make a quick buck. This is how you build a long term, sustainable business.

BUT, what is a blog post without a picture or two to make it really shine?

In this countdown of my top 20 free stock images website recommendations, I’ll show you where to get your hands on stunning images for free, gratis, nada. Now you have no excuse not to make your blog posts the best they can be.

EXPERT TIP – when you upload your images to your blog post, don’t forget to use your keyword as the image alt tag. This serves two important purposes. It reinforces your keyword with Google and confirms what your blog post is about (helps with SEO). It also helps visually impaired visitors to understand your blog post’s content.

20 – Gratisography

New photos are added every week (high resolution), browse various subjects including animals, business, fashion, food, nature etc. but be aware they will try to push you to a paid option.

19 – Burst by Shopify

Nice stock photos for different niches with a leaning towards e-commerce, Various collections that are easy to navigate and all images are free for commercial use as well.

18 – Little Visuals

Mainly nature and landscape type photography on this easy to navigate site (use their tags), high resolution and free for commercial use.

17 – Superfamous

A massive selection of stunning abstract and stock photos, all royalty free with arbitration (credit the photographer).

16 – SplitShire

Almost 1,000 top quality stock images and free videos available here. Extremely eye-catching abstract and portrait type photos, all free for commercial use.

15 – Cupcake

Totally free images you can use however you want including landscapes and nature images. More images are being added from time to time.

14 – New Old Stock

free stock images website

I really like this collection of vintage photos from the public archive. Lots of interesting black and white photos to choose from and their pics are free of any known copyright restrictions.

13 – ISO Republic

Thousands of free creative high-resolution photos and videos with an expanding collection of over 3,000 images. Totally free for commercial use with absolutely no restrictions.

12 – Jay Mantri

Free pics, and as the website says, you can do anything with them. Landscapes, ocean and city photographs and all royalty free for commercial use.

11 – Magdeleine

All photos are hand-picked and can be searched using dominant colors and tags. Easy to get around the site and all high-contrast photos are free for commercial use as long as you credit the contributor.

10 – MMT

Free photos and videos for commercial use from this extensive archive with new pics added weekly. Plenty of nature and macro photography, easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for – you can even sort by color.

9 – Life of Pix

High res photography with over 1,000 images to choose from with new content added every week. Free for commercial use with some restrictions in place for distributors.

8 – Starup Stock

Amazing, high-resolution photos for bloggers, designers and developers. They have tech-related images including lots of photos of laptops, desk and office type content. Totally free for commercial use.

7 – Stock Snap

Excellent site that easily made it onto my top 20 free stock images website list due to their hundreds of high-resolution stock photos which are updated weekly. The site is very user-friendly and you can find images easily with their powerful search engine that allows you to sort by popularity, views, date, downloads, favorites etc. Free for commercial use.

6 – Picograhy

free stock images website

Definitely one of the best places to go if you want gorgeous, high resolution photographs for free. Hundreds of lifestyle photos on subjects such as people, city life, hospitality, scenery, street and more. Commercial use.

5 – StokPic

These guys will send 10 fresh, premium photos to you by email every 2 weeks from their comprehensive library of free images. They specialize in the lifestyle photography niche and images are free for commercial use.

4 – Pixaby

I’ve used this site a lot and they have in excess of 1.3 million stock photos. Videos are available here plus illustrations and vector graphics – free for commercial use.

3 – Pexels

Talented photographers share their best work on this amazing site. Search amongst thousands of images and you’re sure to find something just right for your website or blog.

2 – AllTheFreeStock

Interesting site that rates highly on my free stock images website list because of the sheer variety of resources on offer. Images, videos, website mock-ups, fonts and icons – there’s a lot to explore here.

1 – Unsplash

This site is my favorite and leads my list of top 20 free stock images website recommendations. I use it all the time for blog images for FYF. Stunning high-resolution stock photos, totally royalty-free for commercial use. More than 300,000 photos on the platform with thousands more being uploaded daily.

And, a bonus site:


Picsart is slightly different to the sites listed above – it’s a social network (app) for taking and editing photos and sharing with friends. If you’re into being creative, picsart could be just the platform for you.

End words

So, there you have it, my top 20 free stock images website recommendations where you can pick from millions of images and photos that will enhance your website, blog posts articles and more.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Use my guide and you can source beautiful, professional images for free to help you get your message across.

Final Tip: Before uploading your amazing images to your blog, ALWAYS compress them so your pages load more quickly. Google considers how quickly your site loads when assigning search engine rankings. Here’s the free tool I use every day in my business to compress my images just before I upload them to my website:

Enjoy creating with my selection of free stock images website recommendations…

Which sites do you use for stock images? Please share with the community in the comments below.

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  1. Jay

    This is a great list. Pictures are really important when one creates a blog post as it can help to beautify the post. It is always good to have several options because if you go through a particular site and you don’t find what you are looking for you can always just check others until you find the photo that matches what you are interested in.

    Personally, I make use of unsplash and pixabay on a regular basis. There have a lot of photos and I always find what I am looking for when I combine both of them.

    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Jay, glad to see you’re already making good use of these free sites.

      Pictures are definitely very important in any blog post, both to make the post more attractive and for SEO purposes as well.

  2. charles39

    This very valuable information and just at the right time for me.  I really didn’t have an idea where I could get photos for my online business and you provide me with more than enough sites, which are great sites by the way. All of them are offering great images for free! I will sign up with two or three so that I can have more than enough images.

    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Charles, happy to help out and I hope you find all the images you need. A lot of the sites don’t require a sign-up – just visit the page and start downloading. Enjoy!

  3. Ayodeji

    This is really a good post for me as an artist, there tons of stock images out there which aren’t for free and their subscription is off the chart. With these sites I will be open to varieties of stock images, mainly for my Artworks, from different photographers and owners. Nice post, this is really gonna help a lot of people like me out there. Am sharing this bookmark with my followers. 

    1. Les Blythe

      I’m glad you found my post useful. Yes, you can pay an absolute fortune for images if you don’t use the free sites.

      I was recently working with a client who would have had to pay in the region of $400 for a single image he wanted. I managed to find him an alternative he was happy with for free.

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