Will Google find duplicate content your website shares on Medium.com?

Are you worried Google will slap you with a hefty penalty should it find duplicate content your website shares with other authority sites such as Medium.com?

Let’s face it, you work hard enough to produce valuable content, so you definitely want to get the maximum bang per buck for your efforts. The more places you can share it around the better, and Medium is a great example of the kind of site that could expose your work to a whole new audience.

The problem comes when Google finds your content on Medium and also on your own website – surely you’re just asking for a Google slap for not having totally unique content on your own site, right?

Don’t panic I have some very good news for you, but first, let’s look at Medium and why it can do your affiliate marketing business a whole lotta good!

What is Medium.com and how does it benefit you?

Medium is an insanely popular blogging platform founded in 2012 where “everyone has a story to share”. You can syndicate your website content (your blog) on Medium to reach a whole new audience and drive fresh traffic to your website as a result.

Not only that, when you join Medium it works out who you’re connected with on Facebook and Twitter and automatically adds them to your audience on their platform. So, you can take your existing social media audience with you over to Medium.

Some of the other benefits of syndicating your content on Medium include:

GENUINE ENGAGEMENT – Medium doesn’t have an API (Application Programming Interface). What this means is that Medium doesn’t connect to any other programs or applications and therefore can’t be spammed in the same way that Facebook and Twitter can. Therefore, the engagement you get on Medium is most likely genuine and not lost in a sea of noise created by other programs automatically flooding it with crap.

ENTREPRENEURIAL TOPICS ARE HOT ON MEDIUM – the very things we write about as online entrepreneurs are amongst the most popular and engaged topics on the platform – entrepreneurship, business and start-ups do very well on Medium.

THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE DISCOVERED – many big-time publishers hang out on Medium and, if you become a popular contributor, there’s a chance you might get discovered and asked to become a regular writer for their publications.

Medium’s SEO will outperform your own website

By syndicating your content on Medium you multiply your chances of getting found in Google search immensely. Medium is viewed as an “authority” site in the eyes of Google and it rates the platform very highly indeed.

Medium has a DA (Domain Authority) of 94 at time of writing – it’s virtually impossible to get your personal website to that level. Domain authority is a scoring system developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) – the top score possible is 100.

In fact, Medium is so powerful that some companies have abandoned their own websites completely and exclusively use Medium to get their message out there.

It couldn’t be easier to get your content published on Medium

find duplicate content your website

One of the things I really love about Medium is how easy they make it to get your content published on their site. They provide you with an import tool that makes the whole thing a breeze.

You simply enter the URL of the piece of content you want to syndicate, press a button and voila! It appears on Medium instantly. You’ll probably do a minimal amount of editing before going live, but it’s quick and easy.

There’s not much more to say about uploading content, it really is that simple.

Google will find duplicate content your website shares on Medium, but…

Okay, so the original question was “Will Google find duplicate content your website shares on Medium”, and the answer is yes, it definitely will.

But, that’s a good thing and here’s why.

When it comes to duplicate content concerns Medium has you covered; provided you use their import tool. They ensure your website is seen as the ultimate authority and source of your syndicated content by adding a canonical link to it.

Say what?

A canonical link tells the search engines that Medium is not the original source of the content and your website holds the ultimate authority. This is very, very good for your own site’s SEO.

So, Google will definitely find duplicate content your website shares with Medium, but it will do you nothing but good in Google’s eyes.

If you still have concerns about Medium and duplicate content, you can find a fuller explanation of how they protect your interests on Medium’s website here:

Duplicate content is not a problem

Here’s how I approach syndicating my content on Medium

How I syndicate content on Medium is straightforward, just a couple of steps:

  1. Write a blog post (like this one) concentrating on a single keyword.
  2. Publish to my blog.
  3. Wait until my post is indexed in Google.
  4. Publish to Medium making sure to use their import tool.

When you hit publish, Medium automatically creates a link at the end of your content that goes back to the source. How cool is that, not only do you vastly increase the chances of your content being found, but you get a link back to your website in the process.

Note: It’s argued that as the link is a “nofollow” link it has little or no SEO benefit. That said, it can do no harm and I’m never going to say no to a link from a DA 94 site – neither should you!

The process is no more complicated than that, and the benefits you receive for simply re-using content you’ve already written outweigh the small effort involved by a long way.

There’s no reason NOT to duplicate your content on Medium – so what are you waiting for?

So, there you have it.

There’s absolutely nothing to lose by sharing your content on Medium and everything to gain. Medium.com is a hugely authoritative site that can only benefit you.

Although Google will find duplicate content your website shares on Medium, Medium ensures you’re seen as the original publisher and all the credit stays with you.

Syndicating your content on Medium is a great way to get a double whammy from your work and leverage Medium’s high authority, an authority that’s virtually impossible for you to recreate.

Finally, make sure to check the policies of any other site you might plan to share content with. Make sure they cover your interests in a similar way Medium does.

Why not set up your Medium account today and more than double the reach of your business with just a few clicks…

What do you think about syndicating your content on sites like Medium.com? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Twack Romero

    I’m relatively new to publishing either content or blogs online and yet this topic has already reared its head and shouted at me. As a potential writer on any platform surely all you want to do is have as many readers/viewers see your work as possible. In all honesty I don’t understand the complexities that go on in the background when it comes to publishing work. We should be free to publish our work wherever we like. The idea of Medium seems to be the answer. I have bookmarked the page and shall be looking further into using the site to import a slice of my pie. Excellent. Thank you. 

    1. Les Blythe

      You’re 100% right, we should be free to publish our work wherever we like, but as affiliate marketers, it’s our job to offer value to our readership and recommend useful products.

      In order for this to work, our content needs to get found and that’s why it pays to use platforms like Medium for greater exposure.

  2. Md moinul Islam

    Hi Les Blythe,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a great information.I was looking for such information.I got to know about the medium dot com by reading your article.This information is very helpful for me.I likes your article very much.Thank you so much for sharing this informative information with us 

    1. Les Blythe

      My pleasure.

  3. JJ

    Hi Les. It’s the first time I am knowing about Medium and I am glad I came upon your blog. I have many blogs indexed by Google and they are just sitting there. I have not share them with social media or any platform. It’s time for me to get busy and get my thoughts out there. Thanks for the information.

    1. Les Blythe

      Go for it JJ, it’s another way to reach your audience. Good luck.

  4. Terry

    Hi Les,  thanks for posting this.  I had no idea that this existed.  It’s funny because as I read through the article, I would start to question how this would work, and then in the next paragraph, you answered that question.

    Nowadays, any edge I can get with getting my website ranked, I will take it!  I wanted to just say a quick thanks, and now I will be heading over to Medium’s website.

    1. Les Blythe

      Hi Terry,

      Yes, I was very dubious about replicating my content on Medium, but I thoroughly researched it and found there’s no downside, so I’m all in.

      The chance to pick up a whole new audience is too good to resist…

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