Copy my success – the book

make money freelancingIf you’re anything like me when I first got started freelancing, you know you want to do it but you’re not sure if your writing skills are up to the mark. And, that’s perfectly understandable.

To become a good writer you need to practice

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking about years and years of the hard slog many of the “old pros” would have you believe you’re forced to endure to make it as a writer – not at all.

It’s 100% reasonable to expect to be earning some money in the first month or two if you’re a half-decent writer – I did it and so can you!

With that said, if you want to graduate to charging $100/hour+ (I charge $125) you need to deliver the goods for clients, and that means you need to practice your writing skills.

One of the best ways to get in the groove as a new writer is to start your own blog

As your career develops you’ll need a website in any case, so starting a blog and getting familiar with the process of writing online is a great place to start – it’s exactly where I started.

Right now there’s an insane amount of paid work available for good writers!

In today’s booming gig economy the demand for quality content far outstrips the supply…

Copy my success – start your own freelancing journey today