What successful people do differently

InterFunnels review

There are reasons why some people achieve success while others want it but never achieve it. I believe you can boil much of the difference down to certain traits successful people have while those that struggle to break through are missing these important characteristics. Action takers Successful entrepreneurs tend to be action takers who have … Read moreWhat successful people do differently

Sack your boss before it’s too late!

sack your boss

  I came across this post on Quora today and it reminded me of just how much I hated working for companies and the dreaded boss! THE QUORA POST This poor sod is doing everything right and the boss still wants to cut his salary due to “budget restrictions”. What kind of BS is that? … Read moreSack your boss before it’s too late!

What is Builderall about – Review

what is builderall about

What is Builderall about – why should you even care?   Okay, so I don’t want this to be the same old boring product review type post you can read anywhere else. I want to take the covers off and look at the Builderall platform from two different angles – a business owner and an … Read moreWhat is Builderall about – Review

Staying healthy – a simple trick that worked for me

affiliate marketers look after your health

As entrepreneurs, it’s all too easy to neglect our health. Long spells at the keyboard, even longer days (14 hours are not unusual) and a lack of exercise can all take their toll. The thing is, when you work such long hours, you can fool yourself into believing you’re being productive when the exact opposite … Read moreStaying healthy – a simple trick that worked for me

You’re unstoppable – believe it!

inspiration for entrepreneurs

The importance of persistence & continuous self-improvement There are quite a few quotes that give me inspiration when I work online, here are a couple of my favorites. The first is by Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States: “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing … Read moreYou’re unstoppable – believe it!

Promote your business online with an eBook

In today’s competitive online business environment, it’s critically important to differentiate yourself from your competition to successfully promote your business online. Now, there are plenty of ideas floating about as to how you might do this – social media, SEO, Pay per Click, an amazing website etc. But if you truly want to promote your … Read morePromote your business online with an eBook

How to make the most of your tax position working online

Many online entrepreneurs are unaware of available tax deductions and are missing out big time. While FYF does not provide tax advice, this article will give you some idea of the kind of tax deductions you can expect as a self-employed online entrepreneur. Always check your tax position with a suitably qualified local tax practitioner … Read moreHow to make the most of your tax position working online