Easy Affiliate Marketing Without a Website (beginner friendly)

If you’re new to affiliate marketing or just looking for the most straightforward approach possible, you might be wondering if you can do affiliate marketing without a website. The good news is a resounding yes…you absolutely can.

With that said, if you’re promoting someone else’s product for a commission you’re going to need a bridge page at the very least. A bridge page is simply a page that sits between you and the affiliate offer, where you can put your affiliate link to make sure you get paid by the vendor when the prospect you send their way converts (buys).

There are a number of good reasons why you need a page in between – the obvious one being that you want to show off the product or service in the best light to prospects before you send them to the offer itself.

Another good reason is that many platforms, Facebook is a good example, won’t let you send prospects directly to an affiliate offer, so you need to send them to an intermediate page first – a bridge page. Plus, if you simply spam affiliate links everywhere without adding any kind of value to the process, your chances of making any sales are minimal.

The easiest approach I know to affiliate marketing without a website

So, now we’ve established you need at least a bridge page as a minimum, you might be tempted to go out and buy any old page builder to quickly throw one up. Now, although it’s true that “money loves speed”, it’s worth taking some time to think about your affiliate business as a whole and where you want to take it in the longer term – also known as setting yourself up for success.

affiliate marketing without a website

You see, it’s only by applying some (mature) long-term thinking to your affiliate business that you have a chance of being successful with affiliate marketing. Trust me when I say there’s no get rich quick in affiliate marketing and anyone who tells you there is either lying to you or trying to sell you something!

The question is, in addition to your bridge or sales page – what else should you be thinking about and how do you pull the elements you need into one easy-to-manage platform/dashboard. I’ll give you a quick list of some things you should be thinking about upfront in a moment, but here’s my latest video on YouTube that gives you more information and also contains an in-depth dive into two key parts of your affiliate business:

  1. What kind of affiliate product you should promote for long-term affiliate success
  2. The most straightforward way I know to keep all the moving pieces of your affiliate business under control and working together in harmony without technical headaches and without a website

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Some of the things you should be thinking about upfront

This is a basic list of elements to consider in your affiliate business, my video goes into more detail, so check it out also.

  • Beautiful pages – you’ll want to create impressive sales pages/bridge pages/landing pages/squeeze pages that look good and give your visitors confidence in what you’re promoting (page builder).
  • Capture email addresses (leads) – it’s important to capture email addresses (optin form).
  • Store email addresses – you’ll need somewhere to store email addresses for future use (database).
  • Getting maximum value from every hard-earned prospect – you’ll need a way to continue marketing to your prospects ongoing – very few will buy on the first pass, so your email list is important (autoresponder).
  • Funnels – build sales funnels easily and without fuss.
  • Store videos – you can use YouTube of course but you may want an alternative that you have full control over, particularly if you don’t want to start a YouTube channel.
  • Membership site – is it possible you might want to start a membership site in the future – either free or with members paying you a monthly fee to be part of it?
  • Integrated calendar – you’ll want to keep everything in your affiliate business organized, so you’ll need a calendar to plan such things as social media postings, meetings, reminders, and more.

Now, that might seem a lot, and to a certain extent, it is. I suggest you watch my video to see how to pull it all together in the simplest way I know how.

That’s it guys, I hope my latest post and my video help you get affiliate marketing without a website, talk soon…


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