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My 3 top tips for online success


If you were to ask me (short and sweet) the three most valuable things I’ve learned through my Freelancing and Affiliate Marketing businesses, they would be:

Never undervalue yourself

Don’t underestimate your worth – people will pay for the value you provide.

This has a lot to do with mindset and self-confidence.

When you start out, it’s easy to underestimate the value you provide to your audience or potential customers. Always bear in mind, you don’t have to know much more than your customers/ potential customers to be in a position to offer real value

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”.


Losing focus is a huge mistake that everyone (including myself) can easily be drawn into.

There’s so much information out there that it can be tempting to jump from one idea to another without making real progress in any of them. I hate the term “shiny object syndrome” but it does sum up the problem nicely.

Don’t be all over the place, remember FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful

I’ve achieved my best results and built my businesses most successfully by being laser-focused on one thing at a time and concentrating on it ’till it’s working.

In practical terms this means 1) decide on your business model (freelancing or affiliate marketing) 2) decide on your product or service (niche) 3) decide on your marketing strategy  – then take laser-focused action without deviating ’till it works.

And, talking about marketing…

Never stop marketing

People need to know you exist – don’t build a website and hope they’ll come, they won’t.

You must let your audience know what you have to offer. I know this sounds obvious, but you’ve really got to have a solid strategy for getting your message out there.

Content marketing, social media, SEO, paid advertising, email outreach etc. – all methods to connect with your people.

Remember, it takes longer to see results with free strategies such as content marketing and SEO, but on the plus side, your results are locked in for the long term once you start to gain traction.

The truth about freelancing websites

They offer crappy jobs, right?

When you get started online, it won’t be too long before you stumble across sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour and more.

You’ll hear all sorts of opinions about whether you should even engage with these sites. Some absolutely hate them because they offer crappy, low paid jobs – and that’s true, they do.

But, that’s just one perspective – here’s my reality.

Are you prepared to invest in yourself?

If you’re prepared to work hard, build up your profile and put in the effort, these sites can work for you, in fact, they can be very lucrative.

Bottom line? I’m now “Top Rated” on Upwork, can ignore the crappy jobs and pitch for top dollar – one job can be worth $3,000 or more, sometimes recurring monthly.

You can check out my Upwork Profile HERE and here’s a guest post I wrote that explains what you can earn on the Upwork platform $125/HOUR ON UPWORK

Thanks to Gary Harvey for his contribution to FYF. Gary explains what it takes to be successful on Upwork – READ IT HERE


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