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You can make a full-time income as a Freelance Writer
It’s very achievable in our booming “gig economy”

Hi, I’m Les Blythe

freelancing is achievable

Could be you hate your job (the commute, feeling bullied/insecure), maybe you’re worried about affording retirement, perhaps you just need a fresh challenge.

Let me help you launch your FREELANCE WRITING CAREER – I’ll make sure you get started the right way

“Les had such a tremendous impact on my career. His in-depth knowledge of the freelancing world and digital marketing industry opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities! I consider his mentorship the best gift to me and, with his guidance, I went back and drew up bigger plans for the year. If you’re lucky enough to get a chance to work with Les, grab it with both hands” –  Godfrey W

If you’re prepared to invest time and effort in yourself you can become a well-paid freelance writer (just like Godfrey did)

Need proof?

I charge my freelance clients $125/hr for my time
Businesses pay me $3,000 monthly retainers for my services
I work from home and only deal with the clients I choose

This is what my freelance business website looks like

become a freelance writer

If I can do it, you can do it too, but you must make a start – today!

Let me help you get your head around this whole freelance writing thing!

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I get from freelance writers just setting out on their journey – did I mention it was a journey and not overnight riches? I did? GOOD!

Q – Can I REALLY learn how to make money freelance writing?
A – Yes, you most definitely can. I do it every month, hundreds of people I personally know do the same.

Q – How much can I earn?
A – That’s a really tough question to answer because it depends on a lot of variables such as:

  • Are you a decent writer or will you work hard to become one?
  • Is there a specific area of freelance writing you want to focus on (different types of writing pay different rates)?
  • Are you prepared to invest in your future (time and some money)?
  • How many hours a day are you willing to work?
  • Will you listen and increase your prices when the time is right – something I’ll always advise you to do?
    plus many more…

With that said, it’s not at all unreasonable to reach $1,000/month within 1-3 months, $2,000/month within 6 months, and $3- 5,000/month after that (this is exactly what I did when I got started).

Top writers can earn $10-$15,000/month and some even much more.

make money freelance writing
Samantha G

Q – Why would anyone pay me to write content for them?
A – Traditional marketing (television, radio, magazines, Yellow Pages) is becoming less effective Samantha, and modern businesses are turning to marketing online in their droves. Because of this, the demand for quality content is growing massively and is set to do so for many years to come.

Q – What kinds of content can I write?
A – The range of content needed to fuel the online explosion is huge and includes whole websites, blog posts, articles, social media pieces (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter), white papers, video scripts, emails and email sequences, eBooks, guides, infographics, white papers, case studies, newsletters, webinars, press releases and more…

Q – What kind of writing do you suggest I concentrate on and why?
A – You can make good money writing any of the content I’ve listed above and I’ve written all of them over the last few years. With that said, I’ve moved my business more towards a “Content Marketing” model now as the demand for this service is booming.

Here’s a definition of content marketing from the Content Marketing Institute:

content marketing the content marketing institute
Credit: The Content Marketing Institute
freelance writing for beginners
Ronald S

Q – Why wouldn’t a company just hire their own in-house writer?
A – They do Ronald, however here are three key reasons they’d rather use you. 1) They don’t have to pay you a monthly salary or take care of other expenses like benefits, sick leave, paternity leave etc. so they actually save money. 2) The demand for content is so huge they can’t produce enough with the small teams they usually have in-house. 3. They can take you on as and when needed as demand for content spirals unexpectedly.


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